Rarely a city, in 25 years hardly, will have so much known how to metamorphose. Those who had kept of Lille the memory of a city of the North in black and white applauded to his transformation in a vibrating, colored, brilliant, young and simply beautiful metropolis. A great revival, just like its Grand Place and just like Old man-Lille the process of rehabilitation of which revealed the wealth. Lille kept its popular characteristics. A small housing project is never far from the beautiful mansions.  Not to mention the quality of life in Lille! Rare are the French big cities to be capable of assimilating and of integrating warmly so many newcomers. Lille moves.

Those who are thirsty for culture, as for them, have already taken the TGV to go to admire Rubens, Dirk Bouts and Goya of the fabulous Museum of Fine Arts, not to mention modern art in Villeneuve-d'Ascq, or even the famous Piscine, (swimming pool), Museum of Art and Industry in Roubaix...

For lovers of urban architecture, they will be met, both the urban projects are booming.


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Stay in Lille
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     Capital of Europe and Capital of the region of Alsace, Strasbourg is a young and dynamic city. Strasbourg will surprise you by her sparkling side which makes her a gifted child of the culture: museums, theaters, opera, concert halls, festivals … Everything is at hand! Then, amateurs of good tables, monuments and entertainment, be certain : you will quite have a chance to fall in love with Strasbourg !

    As many European big cities, Strasbourg has a recognized historical heritage all over the world: the Big Island is classified in the World heritage of the UNESCO. For the most curious of you, you will be eager to measure by  foot or by bike the districts of the city of Strasbourg having each a different identity, intimately bound to its history and in his inhabitants. Surrounded by the arms of Ill river, the city center groups the main places and the monuments which make the fame of Strasbourg, such as the Cathedral, the House Kammerzell, Small France or the Covered Bridges

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Trips to Strasbourg
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La Rochelle and the Atlantic Coast

      Let get charmed by Vendée and its cultural heritage! Vendée is proud to present you its places of interest and to welcome you in its castles, its mills, its abbeys, its priories, its nature reserves and its amusement parks.

     For unpublished sensations, visit the big theme park of Puy du Fou and participate in Cinéscénie

Located near Bordeaux (the nearest international airport), Vendée is  famous for its long fine sandy beaches, between the ocean and pine forests.

 The region is also an invitation to discover an exceptional heritage, featuring romanesque castles, forts and lighthouses.

     Coming to the Charente-Maritime area is a true treat for your senses: Cognac, Pineau, oysters, Bordeaux vineyards and castles... In this region, you will discover modern and fairy towns and villages, looking out across the ocean, with a major fishing port and marinas.


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The Alps

Difficult to contain the Alps in a few lines. Colossal chain, bristling with summits of which more than 80 exceed 4,000 m of altitude, stretching about 1,200 km

 "La montagne, ça vous gagne !" (The mountain you will love it!), said the advertising. For once, the ad was telling the truth. It lifts you up close to the sky, with the Eagles and the Sun. It dazzles you of glaciers, needles, crystal blue and pink mountains. It crushes you in the hollow of the valleys, parades, flaws. What a Vertigo!

The Alps are Queens among the mountains, always bent,  Mont Blanc : dream of dreamers and climbers. Beautiful nature parks - Bauges and Chartreuse - and a national park (of the Vanoise), of ibex, chamois and a protected wildlife refuge. And their pearls, black or turquoise, always solitary and secret mountain lakes.

Then the village in scattered hamlets and the men, ranchers, cabinetmakers, farmers of plots short and steep.

In the Alps, small towns interfere in the valleys, arise at the edge of the Lakes, cling to the slopes.

The men decide to take care of the mountain. What are reserves and nature parks, resorts, Lakes saved from pollution.

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The Loire Valley


In the books of history of France, 1515 is one of a few dates to remember: François Ier wins the battle of Marignano. The king of France is then only twenty years old and comes to be crowned King of France. Throughout the year, the Loire will celebrate this anniversary a spectacular cultural season.

The Loire is currently a very large number of historical monuments including its majestic castles along the River, tracing and featuring all the big and little facts of the history of France.

The territory of the Loire Valley is not only the birthplace of the splendors, presented here, are the castles of the Loire, it is also a natural territory in its own right. Fauna and Flora to discover around and along the Loire and offer the visitor a wonderful show. 

 The Sancerre wines from Nantes, through the wines of Touraine and Anjou, the vineyards of the Loire is rich of exceptional wines that shine by their diversity and their authenticity. Cuisine of the tastiest, the art of living of the Loire will convince you

If the castles of the Loire appear such witnesses to history, the river has also left its mark: around a river, of an era, cities, customs. A maritime cultural heritage of urban cultural heritage, it is all a territory who lives and tells her story.

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The Mediterrannean Coast and French Riviera

 Montpellier and its region will not fail to seduce you: medieval lanes ideal for shopping, the new neighbourhoods combining natural areas and construction signed by leading international architects, through its new design tramways signed Christian Lacroix...

 Land south, city of treasures heritage and contemporary, Montpellier is a Mediterranean crossroads, a character and exceptional destination. Cited to the medieval origins which the alleys of downtown, the Place de la Comédie, the Faculty of medicine, or even the Royal Plaza to the Peyrou, attract visitors from around the world, it is also a metropolis modern, open architecture, science, contemporary culture and recreation.

 But Montpellier also has many other advantages.  A territory preserved, consisting of varied landscapes between sea 11km, vineyard and mountain. A typical Mediterranean sweetness of life. Gastronomy and wines full of Sun. Cultural and sporting exception events...

 In addition you can benefit from a unique experience with French courses and / or a total immersion in a French family !


Work experience in France

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